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Australian yacht finance company Cando yacht loans are a specialist marine finance broking business. We organise marine loans for all boating requirements.

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Yacht finance for boats in Australia

Yachts or Catamaran finance for larger loan amounts can be tricky, the applicant’s ability to service the debt is usually crucial in the approval process and estimated incorrectly will result in a negative answer from the bank. Australian banks have some of the best interest rates in the world for these types of lends and it’s generally an easy painless process to achieve and approval. Boats must be in Australia before a local Australian bank or lender will consider them as security, the only other means of purchasing a vessel in a higher price range is to utilise any equity you may have available to you from your mortgage. This has risks and benefits associated with this, not the least of which is you are utilising you home as security to purchase a product that has a high depreciation value associated with the purchase. Dealers selling yacht or catamarans in Australia also offer finance but as a general rule are not as competitive as Cando Financial as they do not specialise in boat finance only sales and as such do not have the experience or turnover you would expect of a business offering finance to the Australian public.

How to buy your next new boat

Buying your next boat or yacht does not have to be a stressful process. Cando offers a free pre approval process over the phone. Once we have ascertained you wants and needs we organise the best lender for you to apply to and request the necessary documents from you for an approval, submit the application and wait for a response from the lender. Cando financial will NOT submit an application that we think will not be approved, there is no point in lodging an application and the bank running a credit check against your name if your application holds no hope of a full approval. Our brokers are trained to evaluate your application, provide the necessary checks and paperwork to the banks required to gain a full approval nearly every time.

Once you have a pre-approval or full approval your bargaining power is greatly increased, full approvals are like cash! Purchase a boat privately or from a dealer, shop locally or interstate. Funds can be deposited into the boat seller account within hours, proving ALL the necessary documents have been signed, witnessed and we have received a full comprehensive insurance policy for your purchase. All financed goods must be insured and the finance company must be noted on the insurance as an interested party.

Cando provide Esanda best rate marine loans

Among the many banks and lender we utilise for marine loans are Esanda, YMF, Yamaha Marine Finance, Westpac, ANZ and BOQ. Providing an applicant can meet one of these banks lending criteria, Cando Finance will be able to get you a full approval for your next boat, yacht or Jet Ski purchase. Subject to normal lending criteria. All banks have varying criteria an applicant is required to meet and as a leading Australian finance broking company Cando Financial are specialist at sourcing the correct bank to suit your needs and finance requirements. Banks and non-bank lender offer special from time to time, because competition is tough it is always better to ask a professional Cando finance broker before you go shopping.

Achieving the best marine loan interest rates from a main stream bank is our business, we provide a easy, safe and informative service every step of the way. Esanda, YMF, Yamaha Marine Finance, Westpac, ANZ and BOQ are very competitive especially in the summer months and it’s our job to source the best boat loan for you particular requirements.


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