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Cando offer cheap used boat loans at the best interest rates in Australia. Purchase your next used boat,jet ski or yacht privately or from a dealer. Australia wide boat finance online today. Used marine loans rates are not as expensive as you think. Compare our used boat finance rates today. 

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Cheap Used Boat Loans get approved now

Cando are available to arrange your used boat loans package right now. Finance brokers can achieve the best boat loan option for you, we operate through a large financial company with over 30 lenders, so we are able to compare used boat financing rates and fees to provide the best options for you.

We can finance, Older used boats Yacht Finance Cruisers, Ski Boats, Jet Ski’s and any marine motor.

All used boat loans are subject to the Lenders guidelines and required criteria.

We can arrange a fast approval on new or used boat loans at low finance interest rates.

Why buy a boat from a private seller?

Here at Cando Financial we have the ability to achieve cheap boat loans for clear credit individuals. If the goods are older sometimes bank try to charge more. This is not the case with us. Banks will often try to charge higher interest rates on older goods. Used marine vessels are not a lot cheaper than new boats. Our lenders rates are calculated using a complex set of lending factors. You will not get penalised because of their age. For cheap boat rates Australia wide we are here to help.

Easy used boat finance, even for private sales

Australian finance companies are located in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and the Gold Coast just to mention a few locations. Cando boat finance can organise and settle all private sale applications by phone and email, no in house visits are required. Private boat finance sometime attracts a higher interest rate than new boat finance, this does not have to be. We look for factors to reduce the interest rate the bank wants to charge.

Some of the reasons we can achieve what is commonly known as a rate reduction can be. The applicant has a good amount of equity in his or her property, the applicant has had previous excellent lending history with check able references or the applicant has a current loan with a bank or lender who can verify a excellent loan repayment history. Cando finance organise easy used boat loans Australia wide. Pre approvals in minutes and full written approvals within 24 hours from applications. You will be able to pick up your boat, yacht or Jet Ski the very next day.


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