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Would you like the best boat interest rates available in Australia? Cando has specialist marine lenders. New or used boats, buy from private or dealer. Get your free boat loan quote now. Cando Financial is now open 7 days a week.

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Australia has cheap Boat Loan Rates

Australian wide company Cando financial supply the best boat loans interest rates. New boats up to three years old attract the lowest repayments possible. Loans over $20,000 also attract cheaper repayments. We finance yachts, jet skis, commercial fishing vessels, marine trailers and large commercial vessels. In fact any marine vessel, motor or outboard motor or inboard engine. For a quick quote call Cando Australia today

Compare Bank Lenders

There are many Australian financial institutions offering cheap boat loans. We compare and keep up to date with changing prices and interest payments. There are many factors that contribute to your marine financing costs, these include the age of the vessel outboard or trailer, the amount you want to borrow, your current total nett asset position. The loan term and your credit rating are all factors in the calculations. This allows the financial institution to get an overall picture and evaluate their risk on their lending. Our knowledge of individual banks criteria is the reason for our success in the marine lending market place.

How to get discount marine finance in Australia

Marine rates are set by the banks and lending institutions in Australia. Cheap finance can be organised over the phone, this allows you the applicant to bargain with multiple banks. Hence achieving a discount for you next boat or yacht purchase. Discounts are not the only concern when purchasing your new or used yacht or boat. Factors such as insurance and fuel costs also play a part in the overall cost of maintaining a yacht or catamaran. Is the vessel you are purchasing is a larger marine vessel or your home has limited storage you will also need to budget for storage or a pen big enough for your new yacht or catamaran. Cando finance will always provide accurate, honest and informative quotes on any questions you may have. Most, if not all questions Cando fields as part of our daily business is questions about interest amounts. The best method to guarantee you are receiving the cheapest bank finance available is to calculate the monthly payment by the term of the loan. So easy to do but so many clients do not realise how easy this is to achieve. (60 months x 1300/month = 78000). Provided you utilize this method and the same purchase price and loan amount for each broker you will achieve the cheapest finance package.

Yacht and Boat Interest Rates explained

Yacht or marine lending is changing, the cost of purchasing your next marine or leisure vessel should be cheaper than ten years ago. For the technical minded the cost of funds the banks use to provide you a boat loans is reducing. Marine finance brokers are your best bet to organize the cheapest interest rates, finance and insurance to purchase your next investment. New boat loans attract lower rates & repayments than older vessels do. This is based on the fact the boat will obviously be worth more when you come to sell it, so the bank or other financial institution has a lesser risk. Marine finance is all about the banks risk. If the risk to them is less then expect a lower repayment amount. Cando marine finance brokers supply some of the cheapest repayments in the Australian marine market place.

Let us do all the leg work for you while keeping you informed during the process.


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