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Cando provide quick approvals on new boat finance and insurance. Jump on that new boat loan deal before it sells today. We are the expert marine finance company with over 20 lenders available. Providing more choices from banks with excellent rates.

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Quick cheap Boat Loans

Here at Cando Financial we can save you thousands with our quick boat loan rates available for new to three year old vessels. Our friendly staff will supply a free quote and you can also access our online quick quote calculators. These help you to work out monthly repayments at your leisure. Finding the repayments you are comfortable with.

Cando are the leaders in Jet Ski, Ski Boats, Yacht, Cruisers and Commercial vessels finance

Why use CanDo Boat Finance Company

CanDo specialises in the marine market and new boat finance. We are ready to assist you with your chosen purchase providing you with professional service and easy low rate loans for your boat or marine vessel. With excellent service 7 days of the week your inquiries are welcomed with obligation free service.

Marine finance quote calculators

Would you like to compare your new boat finance repayments? Our online boat calculator is available for you 24/7. Estimate your repayments to suit your budget, the calculators are quick and easy to use. Calculators provide a guide only, do not forget to allow for insurance also. All banks require the goods you buy to be insured.

Dealers have boats with warranty

Some dealer boat or marine warranty's are transferable some are not. If you are to purchase from a local boat dealer offering a warranty on a second hand vessel, check if the terms of the warranty you are being offered carefully. Dealers selling new boats and motors usually always provide a manufactures warranty. This is the best guarantee one can have. Warranty from manufactures generally require you to have the motor serviced regularly for the term of the guarantee, but this is a small price to pay for hassle free boating this summer. Buying from a dealer has other advantages, obviously the boat or jet ski has never been used before and you are the first owner. This guarantees the structural integrity of the hull and you can be sure that the boat has not been damaged in an accident or other mishap. New boat dealer sales can take the worry out of purchasing your next marine vessel. With the added advantage of knowing you are the first owner of that particular boat or Jet Ski and you can order or option you new purchase to suit your individual preferences.

CanDo's commercial marine finance

Commercial or new boat loans interest rates tend to be a little cheaper than used marine finance. The reason for this is logical, as a secured loan the bank holds a lean over the goods. Until the asset has been fully paid out. Most commercial marine loans require a small deposit as well. New marine commercial goods provide less risk to the bank. Interest rates for larger new boats over 100K start at or around the 6% mark and rise as the vessel or loan amount get lower or older respectively. Most boat financiers require the item to be paid out within 5 years or 60 months, larger loans are allowed to include a balloon or residual factored into the loan to help reduce the monthly loan repayment to the applicant. It is not unusual for this balloon to be refinanced at the end of the 60 month term. Interest rates are always effected by the risk the banks perceive when lending funds to the applicant.


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